iLink Will Work With Any Brace to Monitor Patient’s Daily Progress

For patients who have had a surgical spinal procedure and a brace has been prescribed, the iLink can collect hourly data reported once a day to the patient’s smartphone via the Bluetooth iLink App. Then once per day that data is delivered to the cloud. iLink monitors:

  1. wearing time, hours/day
  2. upright posture time while wearing the brace, hrs/day
  3. and movement

In addition to wearing time, the upright posture time and mobility are both important as recumbency and lack of movement can be the cause of blood clots, pneumonias and other complications after spine surgery.

Once turned on by an orthotist, the iLink cannot be turned off and will run without recharging or battery replacement for over 12 weeks. It will alert the patient if daily synching is not occurring. The iLink module has internal memory so all data is collected and stored for secure download at an office visit even if the patient has not synched to the cloud.

Can Be Built Into Custom Braces For Pediatric Scoliosis

iLink can be built into a child’s custom brace so you can be a part of their treatment plan. You can monitor progress and provide reinforcement to achieve the best possible outcome for the child. It records and uploads wearing time data on a daily basis. The data is available on the iLink smartphone app and in the cloud using an assigned userID and password. Software in the app can be configured for up to 6 months of use without recharging or battery replacement.

Want To Know More: Download iLink brochure pdf