Intellirod Spine Is Leading The Way In Brace Compliance Monitoring

A leader and innovator of orthopedic devices, Intellirod Spine is developing state of the art sensors for spine patients in the operating room, as implanted sensors, and now as the iLink wearable sensor. In the new era of data driven decision making and outcomes based on objective measurement, Intellirod’s sensors provide that data. The future is now with the iLink bringing a new dimension to caregivers of patients with spine injuries and pain. Orthotic braces in the form of LSO’s and TLSO’s have long been prescribed for spine patients but with little objective evidence of their effectiveness due to missing compliance data. Today, iLink is the answer!

iLink Drives Patient Engagement And Satisfaction

In today’s health care environment, the need for feedback on your patient’s progress is more  important than ever. Patients are more engaged in their own healthcare than ever before. The iLink  added to a prescribed brace provides the patient and their caregivers with daily information on wearing and more.

Braces prescribed for pediatric scoliosis number in the hundreds of thousands per year aimed at preventing years of painful, debilitating and costly surgeries. Children can avoid this path with high bracing success rate IF they wear their brace as prescribed which is usually 13 or more hours per day. See ref NEJM 2013, Effects of Bracing in Adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis.